ORIGIN: MASTER UP is a spinoff born out of the aggreagation of some members of the Chemistry Department and the Mathematics and Informatics Department of the University of Perugia (UP) expert in molecular dynamics simulations and computer science.

GOAL: MASTER-UP´s aims at designing, producing and marketing products and services for technological innovation by means of simulations and models of molecules and molecular processes.


  • designs and develops molecular sciences and technologies e-learning tools
  • carries out Open Science editorial activities
  • supports Virtual organizations and reserach community activities for Molecular Sciences and technologies
  • carries out computational simulations supporting innovation in chemical applications

"COST Action CM 0805 : The chemical cosmos - wg 3"
Perugia 17-18 September 2012
The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments.

"From Astrophysics to Astrochemistry towards Astrobiology"
Perugia 19-21 September 2012
The convention aims to combine expertises from different subject areas in order to understand chemistry and the conditions that permitted life on Earth (and maybe somewhere else).

Perugia 2 October 2012
Pubblicazione del numero 0 della rivista elettronica VIRT&L-COMM.

Perugia 12 Dicember 2012
New update of Virt&l-Comm based on Open Journal System.

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